lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2016

The End of Summer in Seville

For many, the end of summer is a sad time, when the holidays end we all head back to work dreaming about the next summer. In Seville though, the end of summer does not mean the end of fun. When the searing summer heat fades away, the city becomes even more alive, many of its residents return after spending weeks away to escape the heat, and the bars and clubs remain open.

One good way to enjoy the end of summer in Seville is to visit a flamenco show. These quintessentially Spanish events display the best that Spain has to offer, passionate dance, singing and music all accompanied by excellent food and wine. Enjoying a weekend away in Seville whilst watching a flamenco show will make you forget about the end of summer, and make you realise that autumn can be just as fun, if not better.

miércoles, 24 de agosto de 2016

Great Figures of Flamenco

That Seville is the birthplace of Flamenco is an undeniable fact. Because of this, the city has given birth to some of the greatest figures in the history of Flamenco. Even to this day Seville plays host to great Tablaos where you can enjoy an unforgetable night of great Flamenco.

In today´s article, we review some of the greatest singers, dancers and musicians in all of Flamenco, originating from Seville:

  • Antonio Carrión: Son of the singer ´Carrión de Mairena´ this Seville born legend has flamenco in his blood. He began his career at 13 when he recorded his first song, and has since toured all over Europe combining traditional elements of Flamenco with his more modern, innovative style.
  • Antonio ´sandpit´: Native to the Triana district of Sevill, ´sandpit´ got his name from his original profession, hauling sand by the Guadalquivir river. His signature moves are the ´soleá,´ the ´seguria´and the ´martinete.´
  • Aurora Vargas: Hailing from the Macarena district of Seville, this artist is adept at both the singing and the dancing aspects of Flamenco. Specialising in the Tango and the Bulerías, she played a role in the movie ´Flamenco´by Carlos Saura.

Thanks to these great figures in Flamenco, even today, one of the greatest tourist attractions in Spain is to enjoy a flamenco show in Seville.

martes, 23 de agosto de 2016

Grandes figuras del cante flamenco

Que Sevilla es cuna del flamenco es algo innegable. Y como tal, ha visto nacer a grandes figuras del cante a lo largo de su historia. Actualmente, la ciudad acoge grandes tablaos donde todas las noches se puede disfrutar de grandes cantaores de flamenco en Sevilla.

En el artículo de hoy repasamos algunas de las grandes figuras del cante flamenco de toda la historia:

  • Antonio Carrión: natural de Mairena del Alcor, Sevilla, lleva el flamenco en la sangre, siendo hijo del conocido cantaor ‘Carrión de Mairena’. A la temprana edad de 13 años graba su primera canción. Ha recorrido Europa con su particular forma de entender el flamenco: aunando las corrientes más tradicionales con las más innovadoras.
  • Antonio ‘el arenero’: nacido en el sevillano barrio de Triana, ‘el arenero’ debe su apodo a su profesión: acarreaba arena por el Guadalquivir en invierno. Máximo exponente de la soleá, la seguriya y el martinete.
  • Aurora Vargas: sevillana y ‘macarena’ que destaca tanto en el cante como en el baile flamenco. Destacan sus tangos y bulerías. Participó en la película “Flamenco”, de Carlos Saura. 

Ellos sembraron la semilla y, hoy en día, uno de los grandes atractivos turísticos es poder disfrutar de los espectáculos de flamenco en Sevilla.